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25 October, 2012 (06:01) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Tonight’s post is about the concept or idea of being a leader. Setting the trends instead of following them. People have seen the Psy song ” Gangnam style” take off to 80 million plus views, we’ve seen, pop culture bring us slenderman, Japanese Hologramchat artists that are a voice and animation, random cartoons that reflect the lack of sense in our world today. All of this goes to show that following trends is stoping your growth. Yes cycles exist and recycle but to follow trends means you are going to the past and deciding not to create something new and fresh.
I interviewed a master coach who coached thousands. He expressed not following trends and it makes perfect sense. With all the talk of holograms this year, we are seeing a trend develop. Don’t follow it if you can instead push the envelope on it. With the exponential growth of processor speed, it will be here soon. Choose your passion, set your own trend. How can you do this?
Spend some time thinking about what would make you smile in the future. What inspires you to be excited about the future?
You are what is trending now, how do you want to share your vibes with the world? Be bold, don’t let others dictate your boundaries for your ideas. Don’t let people criticize your friends or ideas. Surround yourself with positive people that wish you well.

the cat knows it’s being watched while it watches the birds, lol

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