The shining shift

19 December, 2012 (18:18) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

With the Mayan calendar coming to a reset position soon, some view it as being the end of the 1%’s tyranny. We can hope for that but at the root of this change will have to be a shining shift in ourselves. Focusing on not being materialistic, vain, selfish, greedy, judgemental, and prejudice will be the inner work needed. A brotherhood and sisterhood of humans will require us to go green in all areas of food, building materials, computers etc.
Fitness and securing clean drinking water will be mandatory for the world to be sustainable. There are too many places on earth with un potable water, dirty water that needs filtering. Synthetics in the form of plastics and food/pharma will need to be worked out of our routines. There is no long term research on these capitalistic short term gain type of thinking. People don’t want to be tested and experimented on.
The heart chakra must regain it’s position as the key factor in our thinking. The spirit resurrection will breathe better when we immerse ourselves into the web of nature. Life is precious for all of us and we have large strides to make in becoming more pro peace.
The invention of hologramchat coming from this company will help to connect this global healing in a way that the web started doing. This will allow us to phase out tv’s and computers too. After the technology of our holographic world increases we will have less pollution from cellphones and computers filling landfills. The fourth dimension of thought communication will then develop. Much like the concept Jesus talked about that turned into radio/tv signals through the air. Meditation and or prayer will be elevated by people showing scientific evidence that focusing positively in this way leads to real results.
The action takers will develop ways to make action taking easier for everyone. Music will become a more integral part of the global healing. Critics will criticize the action takers but they will gradually get ignored more and more. Compliments and encouragement will increase to a level that will make people feel appreciated and internally motivated to keep up the positive momentum. These shifts will not be instant events. It will be more like a great shift into a great mood/mindset/way of being.

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