The Grapes of Napa and Sonoma

31 May, 2012 (05:41) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Happy to be back from an amazing trip to Napa California. I was ignorant as to the whole process involved in planting, harvesting, growing, and fermenting and storing, and topping, and straining involved in making a great wine. I’ve compiled a collection of video clips and pictures that I’ll edit into a short film soon.
I’m not sure as to the whole story obviously but one person told me that in 1870 there was a German/swedish man who planted the early grapes in Napa California.
It was similar to the south of France in that people took their food and drink seriously. The amount of attention to horticulture was amazing as many went to U.C. Davis to learn how to do it right.
I’m not sure if the film will be released to the public or just family. They have huge mountain lions there but they are rare to see. This is because they are so sneaky and fast. I liked the farms that had more of a natural, organic approach to wine making than the more corporate feeling ones. Napa finally beat the French in a wine tasting competition, Napa took third place at first. The French thought ” it won’t hold it’s flavor”. Three years later Napa took first place proving their wines can age well too. American vines were brought to France to help them with a fungus/root problem too. So our grapes are really all around the world now. It is a fine science that should be applied to food and other industry here.
Although I quit drinking a couple of years ago, I did have a little taste here and there. It has made me want to return to a moderately healthy one glass a day.

Cheers, A bien tot

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