Tech’s future is related to antiquity…

3 October, 2014 (15:07) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Ok I was thinking how ancient Khemet or ancient Egypt had giant batteries found. The math used to build the pyramids was advanced. They knew so much about health and nutrition and technology, as history sometimes or always does… the goes around comes around.
Fast forward 2015-2019 the rise of hologramchat will be seen…

– video games like never before

– tv and movies like never before

_ communication and art and most of digital life as we know it will be changed.
The computers and phones and tv’s and movie theatres will all be replaced. Http:// will be the cutting edge of that transformation. The site is available for 2.5 billion usd for a short time. Contact Jonathan Lunger at 503 927 4761 to talk about negotiations. This will be epic and there is nothing to really compare it to.

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