Should you get a website, or a blog?

16 November, 2011 (06:02) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

When 2006 had everyone speaking about blogs…
I misunderstood the concept. I thought that I needed to have a seperate site for my blog I would write my blog posts on my blog and felt confident that you don’t mix the two. Fast forward to today and I see that a website can be and perhaps should be combined. I now have posts on my website but I refer to it as a blog most of the time.
I got on wordpress but didn’t understand it well. It wasn’t until I figured out how to download it and change themes that I started to fully appreciate it’s simplicity and power. I wouldn’t go back to the old ways because has everything you need to create a beautiful site. I eventually purchased the optimize press theme which you can get to on the resources page.
A couple of days ago I got a new blog that is run on wordpress that will be a silo of sorts to hold my videos and articles. you may ask now ” why are you reverting back to the old days of a seperate blog?” …

To which I’d reply “If your blog had an Alexa rating of 680, don’t you think it makes sense to put your articles there with with the first page of the article and have them come back to hologramchat site to read the rest? Marketers have to venture into the unknown and split test new ideas to see what really works. So from now on articles will be found at

Go to the blog above now and see if you two would like to have your content get more exposure for a price that is far below what most S.E.O. experts would charge. On top of that you can earn commissions that aside from your second and fourth person, will be one hundred percent commissions! So the first blogpost I wrote today there can be found here
If you prefer the look of you can stay here and still see the links to the new content but there will be a larger video library there to share my music through my youtube videos. The first blogpost I wrote today is about search engine optimization. I taught myself html which was not easy. Learning seo seemed to be very dry and uninteresting. Now I realize that it makes sense to do that and do it well! If you get some new insights into marketing online, drop a comment and let me know what you liked about it. To your success sooner than later, Jonathan Lunger

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