Riders on the storm: beyond the numbers

30 October, 2012 (07:49) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

There I was in the mix, hurricane Gloria was blowing hard, my mom was doing what all sane parents were doing and saying ” stay inside children”.
I was into boogyboarding and skateboarding back then in my teens so I couldn’t resist, so after Gloria got through some trees through roofs the next day was still super windy but not as menacing. I took my skateboard outside with an umbrella, using the wind to power my skateboard, Mother nature quickley bent the umbrella inside out to let me know a taste of her power. So I went back in the house and made a makeshift sail from a trash bag attached to a staff and windsurfed on the skateboard, dodging fallen tree branches on the street.Some ask why do these storms come. Could there be a God or force of Mother nature that is upset with us? This is something worth exploring.

There is no numbers that can make up for wrongs done. When people get paid for compensation for some atrocity or accident from negligence, they may get some token gesture but no good can come from ill gotten means. My friend told me that and it took years to comprehend. When the force that is the source or God or nature gets fed up with people’s lack of love, it comes down. Some will say this is superstitious thinking, to each their own. My view is that when people continue to transgress the laws of nature, their will be consequences. All the money in the world will never make up for the murders and abuse that has happened. It’s a start to offer some form of it but it has to go deeper, apologies have to be at the start. If money is offered without an apology, it will not be accepted by many. It’s a slap in the face to think that any amount of money could begin to make up for the centuries of abuse. Reparations need to be offered sincerely from the heart. In order for humanity to have the healing it needs, there needs to be the biggest effor effort ever to try to make up for the atrocities that have happened. The lack of this will only mean this will be balanced through other means. Healing will come to the world through one way or another. So many are oblivious to what is needed to balance the scales of justice. Some scales will never be balanced enough through mathmatics, only through the realization that from the heart, what they do could amount to a chance of forgiveness. Never forget and work towards unity of the people, lord knows our work is cut out.

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