un true detective season two, come on, petition to rewrite, we’ll wait!

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season2 redo!

Warning disclaimer !  spoil alert!!!!


Can’t even talk much now, however, you don’t get the audience to start respecting the two main characters then off em and leave behind sad children and add a couple extra bummers on top of that to be sure we feel wasn’t a mistake but intentional, ok that’s enough. Season one A+ Season two D+



let’s fix it!!!!!!

Mathew McConaughui is the one who rewrote or wrote most lines in season one?

Tech’s future is related to antiquity…

3 October, 2014 (15:07) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Ok I was thinking how ancient Khemet or ancient Egypt had giant batteries found. The math used to build the pyramids was advanced. They knew so much about health and nutrition and technology, as history sometimes or always does… the goes around comes around.
Fast forward 2015-2019 the rise of hologramchat will be seen…

– video games like never before

– tv and movies like never before

_ communication and art and most of digital life as we know it will be changed.
The computers and phones and tv’s and movie theatres will all be replaced. Http://hologramchat.com will be the cutting edge of that transformation. The site is available for 2.5 billion usd for a short time. Contact Jonathan Lunger at 503 927 4761 to talk about negotiations. This will be epic and there is nothing to really compare it to.

Testimonial for Hologramchat.com ‘s web design

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An open letter to @youtube

23 February, 2014 (03:18) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Dear Youtube,

You closed my account and my heart sank. I started making videos with you in 2006, helping you get picked up by Google. I made friends on their ( about 140 ) , posted about 200 videos, had close to 60 thousand views. I helped people learn more about vitamins and wellness, aloe, crystals, music, made funny videos for my children, made a funny video for grown ups. I interviewed many experts in different fields including Khaliq Glover who helped Michael Jackson engineering his music. I always used my own footage, I always created my own music.

You have a terms of service and community guidelines for a good reason. Many people don’t follow those. My confusion lies in the area that it doesn’t make sense to terminate an account of a youtube user who is not causing problems. I had someone make a false copyright claim on my song in 2008. I promptly responded with the fact that I made the song and it didn’t sound like anything else. You responded well and cleared that up, thank you.

I am aware that you have a three strikes you are out policy. I made a video promoting my business that helps people get blogs that are easy and get a lot of traffic. You told me that it got too many views or bot views and in the same breath you told my even though you deleted it… that I could proceed to re upload it. Then you sent warning two about a video, then you terminated it without any third violation.

In the interest of fairness, I hope you can re instate the account lifevibes http://youtube.com/lifevibes

I can’t desribe how bad it feels to put seven years of work into something and watch it just get terminated without any valid reason. If the fact that I am a marketer is the reason, then by deductive reason you would have to terminate every marketer on youtube or not anyone.

I hope you fix this, my postive thinking video where I drew a picture and made a beat had over ten thousand views. People where benefiting from my videos sharing positivity. When you started Google plus and forced us to change our user name or forever be stuck with the old one, it caused people like me who didn’t want to change the channel’s name to all of a sudden have to manage two accounts. Now that you have terminated the account of mine with the majority of my interviews and content and not done the same to the other one the Google plus one, I feel the need to start making my video show on another website out of fear that you will also pull the rug out on that.
I have always thought highly of your site and hope this can help to get through to a human being as the automated forms are unresponsive and cold.
Please fix this, with a heavy heart,

wishing wellness, Jonathan Lunger ” Former owner of the channel http://youtube.com/lifevibes ”


How to market your passion to the world

30 October, 2013 (19:08) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

There are many popular websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Craigslist,Ebay, Amazon, etc. How do you as a marketer reach the masses with your passion to help the world? You could buy a blog that is seo ready, or you could spend a lot of time learning seo (search engine optimization). Another way that I advise is to start taking action through trial and error. You will get so many conflicting views of advise out there and many of them work one day and don’t the next.
So if you begin trying what works for you, you will find that it may be the most direct route to success. Video is very popular and gaining everyday. Words and pictures are great but a lot of people prefer video because of lonelyness, poor eyesight, or they are visual learners.
Leave a comment below on how this approach works for you and remember to be consistent with your efforts if you are really passionate about what you do!

Touchable holograms exist

28 October, 2013 (16:51) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

While this isn’t new news, I thought I’d write a blog post about the touchable holograms from Shinoda Lab in Tokyo. As computers get faster, the reality of hologramchat draws closer daily. Here is the video of the touchable hologram from Japan.

The University of Tokyo came up with this by using ultrasound to make the holograms “touchable”. The haptic feedback was similar technology to that of the Wii by nintendo. Can you think of any cool uses for this technology? How about a holographic masseuse or massage chair? The blind could get a better sense of things feeling the pictures that we see. I don’t think there is any limit to the amount of cool things that we could come up with, imagination being the only limit!

Hologram 3d human model made in Scottland

25 October, 2013 (12:11) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

When I began this site in 2002 I mentioned the benefits holograms will have in the science world. This article I read below shows how they made a an anatomy model that will help students study the body in a holographic medium.When hologramchat becomes available to the masses Doctors will be able to “sit in”on a surgery from the other side of the globe too instructing the surgeon on how to best go about the procedure.

While the new Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 depicts the holograms in a non flattering way, most of the world will be happy to have this advancement to increase our communication and clarity.Visiting Grandparents will smile as they feel more a part of that far away birthday party and online dating will have a more natural feel.

Take a minute to peruse the article below and leave a comment. Have a blessed day realizing that each day has the potential to be the best day ever!


The best easiest online business is about turn cool meter to eleven

25 September, 2013 (14:34) | more posts, posts, Resources, system and training for your business from the pros | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Don’t waste your time, just go to http://blogfrommyphone.com Click on the banner at the top or side to watch the video explaining it. Never before has there been a way to blog from your phone without needing your computer. As you probably know the world is heading towards mobile devices way fast and this will usher in this wave. The other blogging platforms are not easy to use. They are not paying people 100% commissions. Look at the bottom of the page when you click on the link above it will forward you to my official blog that has the income earnings disclaimer.
Now you can join this opportunity through many different people and teams. You may be wondering why join through this guy here. Fair enough, I will have you connected to a team that has unmatched support, unmatched done for you blog posts, we may not have the top earner in the company but we do have the most top earners in the top ten overall earners. On top of that, I will personally allow you free access to my three products about internet marketing. Alone my products are easily worth 2,000.00$ as a conservative estimate. One of them has seven hours of a PHD expert helping you gain clarity on becoming who you really are meant to be, who you want to be. This journey work has amazing success for me and many who have delved into it. It helps release subconsious blocks that you may not even be aware you have that are blocking your success. So once again, don’t hesitate to start blogging about what you love and get paid to help others do the same!

Never forget so that it never happens again Dozier reform school

16 July, 2013 (18:46) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

The Dozier reform school in Florida was a horrible place. The story needs to be shared so that this never happens again. THere is difficult material in this but it needs to be shared. They treated those children in unspeakable ways. Please share this so the people never forget and spread the mesage.Thank you to Roger Kiser for allowing me to share this.

How to overcome your self defeating thoughts

13 July, 2013 (15:41) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Since most people since birth have not been trained in proper thought, it can be difficult process.If you keep at it you can get your thoughts focused on what you want to focus on.
Focus on the things you are grateful for. If it’s raining or sunny, take a moment to see the beauty in the wind pushing the leaves. Sometimes you’ll see a tree that seems still except for one leaf that is moving. This could make you think of nature’s sacred geometry or the divine essence that links all atoms.
You will fail at first. That’s ok. People who are very successful failed many times before getting it. Don’t beat yourself up over it because that will only give more energy to the distraction. Think about your core soul. It wants to help everyone and yourself. It wants a world devoid of war and hunger and hate.
Focus on writing down your goals and dreams and visions on a do list or vision board or dream board. This will place the work and goals into your subconscious so you will begin taking more action towards your goals. When you get stuck or writers/thinkers block, give thanks and you’ll get back on track.

If you buy into the idea that living in the U.S. or Dubai or anywhere is the perfect place for you to start your business today, then do it. Start today by getting a ready to use online business that you can buy into today for the price of an Applebee’s dinner for four, so go ahead and buy yours now

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