22 October, 2012 (07:50) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

The power of your words when starting as your thoughts, to pen, or typing and speaking, reaching for what you sought.

Second guessing, editing, contrasting balance in everything.

The Universe was made this way for balance, silence and singing.
You are having

the same ideas as others, in your unique order. Pushing past limits, doubts, erasing all the borders.

no flags, no way are you going to stop the heart from manifesting thoughts and actions. The mind is infinite, yet a

student to the teacher called heart. Praising the good in others, see that in you too.
encouraging others, be that nice to yourself too.

Nothing is new under the sun if you think war and vice. The future is going to look back and wonder how we could be so blind.

Feel good in what you think, focus and do, creativity abounds in you and all if we let it flow.
Writers block is a conscious effort to block that flow. Wether you are aware of that or not.

Energy is a force that is available to you if you pay attention to the sounds, sights, flavors, and ideas that give you that feeling.

listen like you never have before, your earth and body and soul and universe is speaking words and wordless languages…
listen with your heart and gut, listen to the rhythms of what moves you back to life :)

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