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Watch the video above to hear from Queen Quet Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation! It was also an honor and joy to speak with the Queen and Theodore Mitchell and hear them talk about preserving culture and land. Hear more from Queen Quet at http://GullahGeechee.net andhttp://GullahGeecheeNation.com and Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio at http://blogtalkradio.com/gullahgeechee and Gullah/Geechee TV Nayshun Nyews . To donate to help saving the land in the Gullah/Geechee Nation go to
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As the Teacha KRS-ONE said, ” the dream of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King jr only really lives in the culture of Hip Hop.” Inclusive to all, this page’s intention is to tell the news of all cultures on earth. We all are earthlings, we all share a common ancestry. Too many times history has been turned into lies by the winners of wars and different groups pointing fingers at each other, revising the truth to be convenient for them. Here I’ll post articles that you’ll rarely if ever see in the mainstream. I invite serious people to add on in the comments section.
How does it make you feel that we know more about space than our ocean? How does it feel that we know more about our ocean than our mind? You see where I’m going, the power in your mind when engaged in proper confident thoughts blended with proper action can empower us to do what we used to think was impossible. This is no hype. You know that you have a potential that is untapped. You think, ” if only I had the right people surrounding me, or a million other excuses”. You can do it. You can start now by choosing to be more active. Physically, mentally, spiritually and more. I’ll add more to this soon, so check back soon…

Here is an article I think everyone needs to read. It’s from my blog http://afrocentrichistory.blogspot.com

It’s time to repay our debt to Haiti ( a repost of Sharon Martini’s blog entry)
Reposted with permission from original author Sharon Martini. Her blog is


and her website is


It’s time to repay our debt to Haiti
February 11, 2010 by mummychatter
There was an earthquake in Haiti and I took it personally.

I took it personally because while I know that earthquakes are naturally occurring events – Mother Nature stretching, tumbling and turning, aren’t they? – I knew that her mischief would provide the world yet more reasons and information to pity the Island of Mountains’ much-maligned inhabitants.

I did not have long to wait for proof of my “prophecy,” and that is not counting that famous/infamous “man of the cloth’s” proclamation of how this disaster was merely punishment from God for the Haitian people’s “pact with the devil” in exchange for their freedom.

My parents are from Jamaica, Haiti’s island neighbor directly west. Watching the aftermath of the quake news with my sons, I saw myself in the faces of the Haitian people. I saw my mother, my father, my sisters and brothers, my family. I saw my humanity and I felt exposed, helpless, defensive and increasingly angry as I recognized that many others of us would not, could not, see what I saw.

How many of us know anything about Haiti other than that it once was a colony of France and is now the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere?

Did you know that Haiti was the first black republic in the Western Hemisphere, and the second republic, after the United States?

How many of us know the rich, troubled but true, history of Haiti? How many of us understand the role of America, Britain, Spain and France in the rise, fall and suppression of Haiti and its populace?

The African ancestors of today’s Haitians rebelled against slavery, fighting a 12-year war from 1791 to 1803, (aided by both Britain and Spain), against the French colonists and Napoleon’s army. Gen. Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared their independence on Jan. 1, 1804.

How many know that in 1801 Pres. Thomas Jefferson reversed U.S. policy toward Haiti, secretly giving France permission to reconquer the island? France failed.

How many of us can imagine securing one’s freedom only to be re-enslaved, but this time your master is not man, but money? Imagine having to pay your former master for the loss of his property, namely yourself.

France did not recognize Haiti’s independence until 1825 and only then in exchange for a financial indemnity of 150 million francs. Haiti was considered “persona non grata” by other slaveholding nations for fear its success would incite and inspire their slaves to resist. It did.

Britain abolished legalized slavery in 1807 followed by a succession of other European nations. America denounced it finally in 1865.

Did you know the Haitian resistance was the catalyst for France selling the United States its claim to Louisiana – the Louisiana Purchase – in 1803?

Haiti was forced over the years (and continues to be, sometimes it appears, by Mother Nature) to take out loans of 70 million francs to repay this indemnity and gain international recognition. As recently as 2003, Haiti disseminated repayments on international debt totaling approximately $1 million dollars per week.

I do not claim to know what is in your mind, nor your heart. I do know, however, that information, or lack thereof, can taint our benevolence, our love, which is our energy. That universal energy that we all are made of; that we all are exchanging whether we know it or not; that energy that is our currency, our most valuable resource. I know that this energy can be toxin or tonic; it can hinder or heal.

I believe truth can transmute toxin to tonic. My hope is that the foregoing truth can help you, too, see your humanity in the faces of the Haitian people (ultimately all people) so we may all bestow upon them, not pity for the benighted, but compassion for our kin.

The Haitian people, a mighty, resourceful, fiercely independent but long-oppressed people need our energy. Send money if you can. Remember though, there is healing currency aplenty inside each one of us. I believe a little truth in information can set it free.

This article originally appeared in the February, 2010, edition of The Southwest Community Connection Newspaper

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Reposted with permission from original author Sharon Martini. Her blog is


and her website is



Go to http://youtube.com/yourstory08 for more indepth coverage of this topic. Hologramchat.com’s interview with Antoinette Harrell about modern day peonage. This problem has affected and effected all people. It’s hard to imagine but it really does still exist. Poor whites have also been caught up in this disgraceful form of peonage, many different groups have been victimized by it. It needs to stop. Occupy Wallstreet is gaining momentum because middle and upper class americans are now feeling the sting of losing their homes and not being able to survive despite working multiple jobs. We need to hold our elected officials accountable and have them stop wasting money on frivolous things and put the money towards creating jobs and stopping hunger and homelessness.

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