An open letter to @youtube

23 February, 2014 (03:18) | more posts, posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Dear Youtube,

You closed my account and my heart sank. I started making videos with you in 2006, helping you get picked up by Google. I made friends on their ( about 140 ) , posted about 200 videos, had close to 60 thousand views. I helped people learn more about vitamins and wellness, aloe, crystals, music, made funny videos for my children, made a funny video for grown ups. I interviewed many experts in different fields including Khaliq Glover who helped Michael Jackson engineering his music. I always used my own footage, I always created my own music.

You have a terms of service and community guidelines for a good reason. Many people don’t follow those. My confusion lies in the area that it doesn’t make sense to terminate an account of a youtube user who is not causing problems. I had someone make a false copyright claim on my song in 2008. I promptly responded with the fact that I made the song and it didn’t sound like anything else. You responded well and cleared that up, thank you.

I am aware that you have a three strikes you are out policy. I made a video promoting my business that helps people get blogs that are easy and get a lot of traffic. You told me that it got too many views or bot views and in the same breath you told my even though you deleted it… that I could proceed to re upload it. Then you sent warning two about a video, then you terminated it without any third violation.

In the interest of fairness, I hope you can re instate the account lifevibes

I can’t desribe how bad it feels to put seven years of work into something and watch it just get terminated without any valid reason. If the fact that I am a marketer is the reason, then by deductive reason you would have to terminate every marketer on youtube or not anyone.

I hope you fix this, my postive thinking video where I drew a picture and made a beat had over ten thousand views. People where benefiting from my videos sharing positivity. When you started Google plus and forced us to change our user name or forever be stuck with the old one, it caused people like me who didn’t want to change the channel’s name to all of a sudden have to manage two accounts. Now that you have terminated the account of mine with the majority of my interviews and content and not done the same to the other one the Google plus one, I feel the need to start making my video show on another website out of fear that you will also pull the rug out on that.
I have always thought highly of your site and hope this can help to get through to a human being as the automated forms are unresponsive and cold.
Please fix this, with a heavy heart,

wishing wellness, Jonathan Lunger ” Former owner of the channel ”


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