Occupy Wallstreet PDX

8 October, 2011 (04:51) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Today I went to the occupy Portland protests. I brought my daughters to teach them about the importance of speaking out for your beliefs. Some people have issues with the word belief, because it denotes not knowing the facts and going on gut instincts. So to rephrase that, I wanted to teach them about speaking up for their rights. In a world where co-dependency seems to be the flavor of the day, it is more important than ever to ditch the victim mindstate.
If you want to see change and speak about change privately with your family and friends, imagine how liberating it feels to broaden your circle of reach. Some fear getting beat up by over zealous peace keepers. Some fear their family. Not speaking up is compliance so you must speak up. The honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said that the oppressor will never give up their advantage willingly. Only when the victim chooses to say no more, can they achieve their freedom.
While there people said they are mobilizing on the capital. This is not some hippy dippy fly by night phase that will go away. The people have spoken and are tired of being taken advantage of. Like an abusive relationship that has run it’s course, the co-dependent people are tired of carrying the banksters and politicians and brokers. The brokers and banksters and politicians are junkies for oil, blood money, and any other way they can grab power. We the people have been supporting that by our silence. Yes many have spoken out but the fact that it is now in most major cities, voices heard are getting impossible to ignore. Demands will be placed and forced to be met unless the rulers want to see total upheaval. It’s not some lone crazy person or prophecy or anything like that. It’s good hearted, smiling, normal, everyday, down to earth folks, masses, majority, saying enough is enough.

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