I began this page with the intention of creating a space for the spiritual path of Hologramchat. On the home page I had written this ” Another spiritual path of Hologramchat is about to manifest. I’ve been thinking about the Universe and the concept of the micro containing the whole of the macro, or in other words, your little cell has the code of how the whole of you is and that permeates into so many areas. Looking forward to the interview about it, I won’t reveal the guest’s name until the details are ironed out…”
This will be a place where you can post your comments about how you feel the world could improve by improving ourselves. As a lifecoach, I don’t tell people what to do. I listen to them and ask questions that help them to look inside themselves and find the answers that they know to be best for them.
The mind is where it begins because of God’s law or perhaps you prefer to think of it as quantum physics, or you prefer another view of how it should be described. In the Tao Te Ching it talks about how can you name the unnameable, describe the undescribeable. In your mind, you have the premium package of every cable and satellite show, all movies and pictures. Your conscience or will is like the remote control. You play through real and imagined scenarios in your mind and then manifest a perspective that sees the proof of that lense. There are many ways to work on your memory and speed of thought. Some choose making music, some choose puzzles, wordgames, conversations. Of the many languages on earth, most of them are oral. So we talk and think, and do more of the first and too little of the latter. I will post videos here too soon that will touch on these three topics.
The Spirit is concept or thing that transcends the physical or mental. Some religions call it the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit. Some describe it as our nature. The spirit is the thing that could be called soul. It can be logical and defy logic at the same time. Impossible you say? Well the spirit that has you engaged in this quest for the truth is the same spirit that causes me to write this. Believers call it the Spirit of God, Atheists refer to it as unexplained phenomena. The spirit is the common link in people that admires and extols generosity, kindness, compassion, freedom, justice, wisdom, knowledge, equality, forgiveness, atonement, helping yourself and others, joy, love. I know you have a spirit that can move mountains. I know you have a spirit that refuses to hear doubt. You can feel the spirit of someone when they enter a room. The people in the room’s reaction is like electrons reorganizing to accomodate the new electricity. True spirit may need to believe, or could it be that the true spirit needs to know. I believe that God is the love in us all. During arguements we get caught up and forget that no sin is greater than another. You could say not so, well if you know better, than perhaps you could have taught them earlier so it’s partly your fault for your fellow human’s behavior. Remember the special magic in people is in us all. Some may practice at it more and be more polished at it. This does not mean that they should become overly pompous and proud. If they shared their gift more instead of sitting in judgement, the kindness would increase. The honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey said ” a touch of kindess to mankind goes a long way”. I think that was the quote. I’ve found this to be true because if you change someone’s mind, while their heart remains unmoved, you’ve only accomplished a hollow act. Knowledge is important. We are feeling people so in harmony with knowing the right facts, we also need to have our hearts in alignment with that spirit/concept.
The body is the temple. It could be seen as an extension of our mind and spirit. How often do you take time to stretch and pamper yourself. Do you dislike being cold or hot. How often do you dress in accordance with your preference. How often do you eat the foods that your body tells you it prefers? How out of touch have we become in this society of movies and computers and nonstop distractions. It’s like when your foot falls asleep, there are uncomfortable tinglings and not much strength for movement untill the good feeling returns. When I was young, I started discovering truths about my body’s chi force or energy. I knew someday when I was older I would find proof of others who had come upon this knowledge of our bodies. I was suprised to find many different people who taught different forms of this. I found the teachings of Mantak Chia to be in alignment with my findings. I found HipHop and all music I like to be in alignment with this energy too. Many people think if they get in shape to feel great that they may overwork themselves and be unhappy. A large amount of people don’t get the exercise they know they should. Could it be that there is an easier way that doesn’t hurt so much. Could it be like dancing/taichi/walking with focus? As a child an open field was an invitation to run and enjoy the wind flowing. Don’t overthink yourself out of that joyful movement is a phrase I tell myself. Children and animals don’t need a reminder to play and others shouldn’t either. In ancient egypt it was written that matter is 99.99% empty space. The quantum physic teachers say the same. So my goal in 2012 alongside a few other goals, is to stretch more. Part of strength is flexibility. The bamboo is a great example of this. It can crack concrete and still bend with the wind. I also am going to get a healthier amount of sunlight from outdoors and in the foods I eat ( more green vegetables like spinach). I’m not a doctor and I don’t treat , diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease or illness. You should consult your doctor before trying any new fitness routine or diet change. Think about what you want for your physicality. Take some time each day to acknowledge your temple and leave a comment of your favorite tips for a happier Mind~Spirit~Body. Have an amazingly miraculous one, kind regards, Jon

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