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17 October, 2011 (00:57) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

The cutest protester in Portland Oregon, let's change the world for the better Today is the anniversary of the Million Man March. I’m optimistic about the potential of this great land to make a change. Like Michael Jackson’s song saying ” I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to make a change”. When the honorable brother Minister Louis Farrakhan called for it a million black men to convene, it ended up being about two million people of all types showing up on October 16th, 1995-2011.
The results or fruit of this effort has produced a stronger love of self. There is less self hatred, less of people calling each other vile disrespectful names. A community building spirit that has touched the world.
People are eating healthier, getting organic food. Long live the spirit of the Million Man March as we bear witness to atonement and the benefits of sincerely asking forgiveness for our sins. Reperations have been paid to the Native Americans, Japanese, victims of the various holocausts around the world. Still the Africans who were taken captive in chattel slavery here in the America’s have not gotten the promised fortey acres and a mule. What is worse, is that there hasn’t been a heartfelt apology. Our nation of America was founded on the principles of freedom, justice and equality for all. We got a large amount of our constitution from the Iriquois. Still while these lofty principles were in writing, in fact they were not being given to Africans or Native Americans, or Chinese railroad builders or Irish and German immigrants. The list of people who have been oppressed is long and has touched every nation.
Our nation became the wealthiest nation in the history of the world through this chattel slavery/free labor. I ask you all who read this to look inside yourself and make that change. You see the protesters on occupy wallstreet in every state. People are tired of being bamboozled by the ruling class. You can donate to feed the hungry at
Every great nation in the history of the world fell when they stopped following the lofty principles that made them great. Every nation that was great fell after switching to a fiat currency like we did in the seventies. I don’t buy music that has curse words anymore. I don’t drink anymore. I’m not judging those who do. I’m just saying there are so many ways you can make little or big changes in your life that will and do effect the world.
How can we continue as a country to execute innocent people when we say that everyone has a right to fair trial? We say that you are innocent until proven guilty but do we practice this? Troy Davis was executed in Georgia without any evidence. The liar who accused him initially recanted the story. No, we do not practice what we preach here which makes us hypocrites whose word can’t be trusted. The occupy wallstreet movement will seem according to the media to be a few lazy crazy hippies and anarchists, when in reality there are people there who are losing their homes, working two jobs and still can’t make it. While we send tons of money overseas and squander it on prisons and weapons, we could be using this money to feed the poor, educate the children, and build community centers to give the future a fighting chance of being competitive in the world.
Weather you pray, meditate, focus, or chant, we need to bring our best out of ourselves in a meaningful, productive way. I’m going to be interviewing someone on thursday who will speak on the peonage that still exists in modern day times. This is unacceptable. Our food supply is set up so that many people in cities don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Regardless of your race, religion, political affiliation, or any other man made grouping technique, we need to come together to help make this world a place with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness. We also need to protect the environment and ensure a clean water supply for everyone. If you ignore this message that is gaining volume and support, you may find one day that it is you who is now asking for compassion, empathy, and assistance. What goes around comes back around again. Communicate clearly that you want to increase the golden rule of treating peopl how you would like to be treated and we may stand a chance.
Long live the spirit of the Million Man March and the spirit of our forefathers saying Freedom, Justice, and Liberty for all. Open your hearts and help soften the hearts of those you talk with. In love of God and God’s science and peace and soulpower, respectfully yours, Jonathan Lunger of

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