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21 September, 2011 (02:58) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

I became a leader when I started taking massive action and got clear about my path. When first studying leadership I read books, John maxwell, Napolean Hill, Mike Dillard, Harkon Ajala, Ann Sieg, the list goes on and on. One thing that stood out between the studying was that leaders take responsibility for their actions, income, results, and team growth. One rep told me their success was my fault. They were struggling and looking to blame anyone but themselves.

I told her that she must take responsibility for her business. It got a little tense and we were in agree to disagree mode. After mulling it over for a while, I remembered what leaders do. I called her back and said ” You know what ________, I was wrong, you were right. I’m going to start holding trainings and provide leadership you can count on. She came back in the company and the moral of this story is, don’t be afraid to look at yourself and your shortcomings. The other moral of the story is that you need to stand up for yourself. Letting others blame you when they need to look in the mirror is something that you don’t need to put up with. People say posture is key. Posture is not standing up straight as much as it is not begging, pitching, pleading. You share your opportunity with zero attachment to the outcome.

You may say how can that be done. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone was breathing down your neck to join their company, wouldn’t you want to say ” I’ll decide on my time and you pushing me makes me actually not want to join”. People work on their own time frame and you need to grasp this. What do leaders do on a daily basis? Let’s see…

They read voraciously, if you are not into reading, watch videos or listen to audio books. The reason for this is to sharpen you brain. Never stop learning. Don’t get caught in learning with out implementing what you learn. you must take action. Doing what others don’t want to do or are too lazy/scared to do is what you must do. You need to have a work out your body too. Get stronger, more flexible, more agile. Dress how you want to. Be comfortable. Some people go all out and get the five thousand dollar suit. You don’t have to go all out like that. Consistent action is key. Plan out your year, quarter, month, week, day, hour.

The most important thing in leadership is to believe in yourself. Have standards and stick to them. You may come across some negative person that wants to drain you. Don’t deal with them. In the long run this will help you. Some people are so negative that they will spend 5 hours complaining to you instead of doing 5 hours of work. While this person is wasting your time, you could have been out signing up a hard worker. Look in the mirror tonight and say ” I’m a leader that works smart and hard. I don’t have time for negative people and I do have time for people who think like me. As you keep putting in the hours of work, people will notice and admire your work ethic and start following you to help themselves. A true leader wants to help people succeed. Go out there and crush it!

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