In the computer era, more people are alone despite advances in technology

24 November, 2011 (00:55) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Ok I haven’t checked the stats and could be wrong. I got the domain name with the intention of creating a world where people didn’t have to feel alone. Single folks who are away from family or don’t have any, could log in to the site and see some warm smiling faces to talk with. It wouldn’t be the total solution, but it could grow in popularity to the point of being a catalyst for bringing that world in.
Many old folks are sad from living alone. With most people on the computer or cellphone, it seems there is a disconnect with communication. Some instances have increased the social activity where sometimes it doesn’t. A wise friend of mine once said he wouldn’t wish lonelyness on his worst enemy. It makes you think about it. If you are co dependent then you can’t stand being alone. If you are a social butterfly, it drives you crazy to not have people around. If you don’t enjoy your own company, it’s hard to be by your self. Phife Dawg said ” if you don’t be yourself, you’ll end up by yourself” think on that one for a minute. When choosing your niche or identity, think it through because it will have a big effect on your life. More to come later, Jon

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