How to make this year your best yet

12 March, 2012 (05:58) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

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So 2012 is here and while some are thinking it’s the end, others are ramping up to have the best year ever. Let’s say the majority is somewhere in the middle of those. What are you going to choose for yourself? I want to share a mental/spiritual/physical shift I am going through that you might find interesting. This is beyond a simple rah rah, get motivated speech. It’s a deeper understanding of why it’s actually easier to go for it.
When I stretch, walk, get more active, I get more energy and feel better. When I eat spinach and good food, I feel better. I applied those obvious things to my work and found that like different flavers, our work life can get dull if we don’t explore all of our passions and hobbies. Once your hobby gets good enough, you can think about going pro. I’ve had good feedback on my music. Not everyone likes it, but I didn’t make it to please everyone. Point being is that you can never please everyone, so make the music that you want to make. This applies to movies, or whatever field your in. Making this your year is about finding out what drives you on a cellular, core, soul level. This can be difficult to search deep when you see a more reasonable path being easier. Say out loud ” I’m going to accomplish/make/create goal a and b by this date. Write it down and have it where you can reread it often. Say it outloud often. Take time each day/night to visualize the happy results of your work. Realize that it will take some time to see success, but know that you will reach it like you visualized. Don’t give up. Imagine yourself as a 100 year old in a rocking chair, happy that you had the courage to share your art/skill/trade/passions. If you resonate with this please leave a comment below about your goals and due dates for them. Stay well, Jon

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