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8 November, 2011 (09:14) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

I’m working now on a project that could be an evolution of the last product, or a totally seperate new product. time will tell.

I’ll venture to guess that most marketing newbies starting out don’t have a huge budget to spend on paid advertising. They are looking to find out how to get more leads for free without overdoing it on the stress. Finding more customers can be easy if you look in the right directions. I recently joined this company called Empowernetwork

There are many techniques you can employ. Create a video. Start a webinar series. Write a blog. Some traffic exchanges give you free visiters if you in turn check out their pages as well. I don’t know what is going to work best for you because there are so many intangibles like your clarity, likeability, value or perceived value, social proof, experience, timing etc.

The key to all of this is to steady move yourself forward. It’s easy to hide behind a studying phase. It’s easy to get stuck retweeking your webite looks. It’s easy to get caught up philosphizing/debating/ how to start growing a list. Attracting leads is not something that you are just born knowing. Keep on writing and posting to market online with daily habits of true work.

This kind of work is not reorganizing your paper stack, feng shiu is great, but only do that for five minutes and get back to work. If you can’t focus, hire a coach (like me! lol). Another way is to start posting direct mail type homemade ads at grocery store bulletins.

Join a rotary or toastmaster’s club or any place where you can reach more and hone your craft.Now learning all of this could take you years and cost you in pain and stress. If you are into being rational, you will find someone who is successful and model your behavior on that. One of the top guys for getting free leads is David Wood. So when he put out a business opportunity that pays one hundred percent and only cost twenty five bucks a month, I was on it. They give you a fully seo’d blog which is priceless because David a magnet for leads. It’s nice that you can have it for blogging, and making money. It just opened so judging from the first week stats, it’s the place to be. I’ll reveal more about how to get more leads for free in future posts.

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