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8 December, 2011 (00:13) | more posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

In 2004 I wrote about this:

Imagine the help to healthcare,business,travel, etc. Please take a moment to watch the interviews, peruse the Amazon store and visit the Hologramchat style news from the Digg widget. The other links and news are worth checking out to. Don’t forget to bookmark this site in your favorites and tell a friend! Here’s what I thought and started in december 19, 2004 “Video holgram chat into your room. projected live holograms coming soon Chatting has evolved with the technology of our times. 2d and 3d hologram chat is in the research phase. Keep checking back for updates. It won’t be long before everyone is using this technology.
The early computers were expensive. The early
hologram machines are expensive too. With advances in super computers, this is all about to change. Consumer priced hologram
chat will arrive from
3D moniters are already on the market.
Video chat is now available to the masses and it has revolutionized business communication. will
deliver a new travel industry, a new social activity, a new for family’s to make that far away birthday party they wanted
to go to. Teleconferencing… (hologramchat) coulld cut costs for business’s dramatically. Online schools will benefit from the one on one attention
that is important in education. The medical field could gain a new tool for having experts in one field appear across the
globe to sit in on school sessions. The possibilities are vast. Imagine class with this!!!!!! ”

In 2011 I’m updating the report on the science behind the progress and technology. There are many people working on this and together we can make it happen faster! It’s going to be awesome, in the future, we’ll be looking back at this article thinking, yes, it is!

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