Epistemology ( or the nature of the knowledge )

18 February, 2012 (20:55) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

Epistemology is the nature of knowledge, the type of knowledge etc. History buffs know that I heard someone say they heard is thirdhand. My friend said… is second hand, he say/she say stuff. The most authentic, reliable info is firsthand. A.K.A. I did this and can speak about it.
Now when you look at the type of knowledge you are getting you need to check the source. Sometimes with so much information out there, you need to apply many different filters to weed out the bogusness. Your gut reaction will often tell you the most accurate tale even if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. For an example, if I’m researching the a particular nation. Should I go to the media, hearsay, speculation, or go directly to the source. You guessed it, go to the source. Ask yourself what kind of education does this source use. Do they have a massive library? Do they apply real scholarly fact finding? What was once considered a fact of the world being flat and not round is now known to be not true.
You may be in a school or religious institution that wants you to regard a certain group of people as the boogy man. This can become dangerous and needs to be checked into. I am working on changing my vocab to say I know, instead of I believe. I do have faith in my perception being accurate. I don’t assume I’m above making mistakes at the same time. You gotta stay humble. If you can believe in something , you can also doubt it. Knowing something is more concrete. Your opinion on something often gets mixed up with what you think you know. You may feel that you are 100% right about something only to find out you were lied to. Talking with others can help you to gain a more balanced view. Sometimes you may consult others and conclude that your hunch still feels right to you despite what your friends and family say to the contrary. The internet has given us a new way of accessing information that the older generation just didn’t have available.
With the internet there also is the problem of the liars putting out a lot of garbage and making it seem like the truth.
There is a cartoon character called Captain underpants who has a weapon called the toilet of truth, lol
In reality according to me, truth does exist. I eat spinach and notice feeling good with more energy. some say they don’t like spinach. where is the truth in this? Sometimes you have to agree to disagree with people. Only you know what works for you in your life. Developing good speaking terms with yourself is the place you want to get to. If you can’t trust your own thoughts, chances are you won’t put trust in others thoughts. There is a lot of good people in the world who are trying to make the world a better place. The time is coming where we need to unite all the people who are working towards a solution and get it done. No more wars, gmo’s, pollution, tabloid junk. It’s time to respect and honor the mothers on earth and make the world a safer place for the babies.
Those who choose the negative route of saying ” I gotta get mine, the whole world is evil and I got to get my slice” is missing the big picture. This attitude is not sustainable for the long run. Yes you have to work to get your food and shelter etc, but doing that at the expense of someone else’s suffering has to stop. Do the knowledge, do the research, how many great nations fell because they dropped their principles. How many died over greed and vanity and jealousy and envy. Don’t go that route. Keep your head up and get your useful knowledge that has a good vibe to it for you. After you learn it. Share it with others. Stay blessed and true, Jon

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