Does your past empower you or haunt you, the choice can be yours.

24 January, 2012 (06:41) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

There are sayings like everyone goes through some stuff in their life. How you react to it is the question. Some people let past trauma/drama bog them down. Some choose to use it as fuel to increase their drive. It’s difficult sometimes to take a good look at what happened objectively. God has given me the strength to choose to let it fuel me. When I say God, I mean the goodness in people that overcomes the weakness in people. Some say it’s a being out in the clouds, that is not my perspective. I believe he/she is here on earth and up in the mothership. Back to the topic. Can you choose to overcome your past? Yes. It may be and probably is different for everyone in terms of what specific things happened and how that shaped a viewpoint.

I grew up seeing trouble like the Buddha. My view is that it doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way, I’m going to change it. I know I must begin inside of myself to affect the world. So I”m stating to the world, nothing will stop this love from healing myself and the world. I hear that some say this is too grandiose a way to think. Some will say it’s not logical. Good, you know you’re on the right path when you get a group of doubters. You also get a group of believers and that is who you are doing it for. Sure, you want to help everyone and you will do that, but each person gets to choose how much they want to own their lives versus allowing the victim role.

Look inside and say and know ” I have an unbreakable spirit, there isn’t anything I can’t do. I will make it despite the challenges. I will help others despite the voices of worry. I will help others despite people saying you can’t save everyone”. When you have made this decision, a calm wave of happiness cascades over you. You know that they may do this and that, but they can’t stop your choice to let your spirit soar. Expecting things to work out is really a large part of it. When you shoot foulshots in basketball, top shooters know that you visualize and tell yourself it’s going in. This applies to everything in life. I know you have experienced this on some level and can relate. So where to start? You start with the button that calls you to push it. You start with your passions, the things that get your blood pumping. What makes you stronger is a blessing. You can make yourself stronger by not giving in to laziness. You must have a vision of where your work is heading. You must and I must, keep your eyes on the prize. What if you have multiple goals you say? Choose the one that is most important. For me it is showing the world that we all are one royal divine family. Family feuds aren’t easy. Families always have some story of drama etc. That is no reason to stop. The drama is the exact reason that we need to push further towards helping each other overcome these fears, insecurities, doubts etc. The goal is to make a drama free world where all can eat with shelter and clothes and freedom and equality. Different cultures will express it in different ways, but they all want peace. The fearful think it’s only possible through war. This is false logic. The holy books say that you should not start trouble. Even if you think you’re going to be wronged if you don’t wrong first, you must get over that cowardice.

Take a small stand in your life to gain momentum. After you achieve it go for a bigger goal. The reason the world has problems on a big scale is because we all are hologramchat. I say this meaning we all have the dna in each cell, a blueprint of what the whole looks like. We all are connected. The macro ( big picture) is made up of the micro ( small pictures) but they all have the whole image. These positive thoughts have more weight than all the magnetars and black holes in the universes. The reason is because love is the most powerful law in the universe. Some say it’s religion or the law of attraction or power etc. The real truth in my opinion is that love is everything. I believe that God is love and love is the one true religion, the different paths are like different letters all spelling the same concept. I’m asking for your help in making this reality dominant. The reason is because we all know that we all should have human rights, basic things like water, food, shelter, peace, school or a place to safely learn. Let’s do it. Let’s all join forces and wave our love flag. I refuse to choose another path than love. I refuse to go along with people who are heading down the wrong road. Choose love not in mere words, but in actions and deeds. If you are feeding the hungry , feed more of them. If you are teaching, teach more. If you are philosophizing , think deeper. Expect greatness from yourself and deliver. Expect greatness from others and help them achieve it. No one has lived on this earth without knowing struggle of some kind. You can not judge another saying your burden was heavier, theirs was lighter. Why? Because you aren’t them, you don’t know. All sins are equal in divine eyes so don’t think you’re better than anyone ever. Don’t ever think you are worse than anyone ever. You and you alone know what you are capable of doing to help the world. Give it your all and you’ll get a better life. The circular nature of the planets and words and our brains are showing us that what goes around comes around. The electron orbits the nucleus of the cell. Give your best and know that nothing can stop you when your motive is love and you’ll work till you get the job done, and then you’ll keep on working on it because you love it, the process of loving people. Thanks to Ziggy Marley for the “Love is my religion” song and all the other people who have worked towards increasing the love and peace and soul and fun! Much love, Jon

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