Attracting peace in the world

15 October, 2012 (06:33) | posts | By: Jon Lunger, founder of hologramchat

There are many people around the world that pray for peace everyday. There are many people around the world that yearn for peace in their heart and mind and soul and spirit. Many say ” peace” because they mean it, some say it because it is a trend of the day. The lasting peace will never come until we create a climate of justice for all. As long as one person is denied peace, it won’t be available to anyone. Some feel you should just focus on the peaceful stuff and ignore the non peace, some feel you must focus on the conflict to resolve it. It takes two to tango so when I want more peace in my life, I choose not to engage in stressful situations. Of course we all have some stress and that is what it is, however, there are times when you choose to do what you think is right like breaking up a bar fight, when in reality, jumping in too squash it seems like you are jumping in to get your fight on.
There is enough food on earth for all, so why do so many go hungry. We could blame the rich or the lack of a bread line, or we could look at the person in the mirror and ask ” what can I do to help make it better”. Chances are we will all be called to do so much more than we do. Future generations are depending on us to fix it. The youth are fed up with the old generations dogma. Some feel population control must happen so too many people don’t eat too much and reproduce too much. This is a perspective of lack in my opinion. When you drive through areas like Montanna, Nevada, Ohio, You see open land as far as you can see. If you look in Siberia, China, most any country or continent, there are vast tracks of land. has done a great job feeding the hungry. There are many organizations that have stepped up and begun helping. If we live in the top super power nation and one in six children are hungry, there is something we need to fix and fix it fast.
Some things you can do is to eat less, share more, give to charities that are helping the people, hand out food yourself, give money to the hungry. There are many ways. Peace is possible and with all our high tech devices, and knowledge, it is shameful that we aren’t doing better. Focus on the day when this problem is fixed and help to work towards it. Each one teach one untill we all are on the same page here. Meditate on that and thanks for reading, One love

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